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Child Care and After-School Options

Child Care and After-School Options

Most elementary schools in the district contract with outside agencies in order to offer extended-day student care for a fee. Most agencies operate before and after-school programs, as well as when students are off-track. The district is committed to expanding these offerings to every elementary school.
Subsidized Child Care

Subsidized Child Care

Parents interested in subsidized child care have several options. After enrolling in their home elementary school, families should inquire about subsidized child care at the on-site child care center. Subsidized slots based on income and need are available at some centers and their staff can provide applications to determine eligibility. All centers can provide information about subsidized slots available through the Sacramento County Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) managed by Child Action, Inc. For more information about the CEL, visit the Child Action, Inc.’s website or call a Child Action, Inc., Information Specialist at (916) 369-0191.
Catalyst Kids Centers

Catalyst Kids Centers

School Sites:
Maeola R. Beitzel                                 Isabelle Jackson
Phone: (916) 682-7226                        Phone: (916) 689-5274
Arthur C. Butler                                    Anna Kirchgater
Phone: (916) 689-1330                        Phone: (916) 689-9474
Raymond Case                                     Robert J. McGarvey
Phone: (916) 681-3355                        Phone: (916) 340-8019
Elitha Donner                                       Barbara Comstock Morse
Phone: (916) 683-5526                        Phone: (916) 682-5160
John Ehrhardt                                      Pleasant Grove
Phone: (916) 684-1815                        Phone: (916) 686-1260
Elk Grove                                                 Prairie
Phone: (916) 686-6495                        Phone: (916) 399-1050

Elliott Ranch                                          Joseph Sims
Phone: (916) 714-2313                        Phone: (916) 691-6768
Ellen Feickert                                        Stone Lake
Phone: (916) 686-6499                        Phone: (916) 683-9699

Robert J. Fite                                        Mary Tsukamoto
Phone: (916) 688-3310                        Phone: (916) 682-7400

Foulks Ranch                                        Zehnder Ranch
Phone: (916) 684-0861                        Phone: (916) 512-6247

Phone: (916) 684-4061


Phone: (916) 688-8660
School Site:
Cosumnes River
Phone: (916) 688-8660
Champions Extended Learning

Champions Extended Learning

(916) 413-4274 
School Sites:
Arnold Adreani                 
Phone: (916) 405-6094 
Edna Batey
Phone: (916) 714-0110
Phone: (916) 714-4362
Helen Carr Castello
Phone: (916) 690-8718
Arlene Hein 
Phone: (916) 686-4242
Roy Herburger
Phone: (916) 682-4788
James A. McKee
Phone: (916) 714-1195
Marion Mix
Phone: (916) 714-2452
Phone: (916) 294-0061
Irene B. West
Phone: (916) 681-5244

Before and After-School Enrichment Programs

Elk Grove Unified has long been recognized for excellence in after-school and extended-day programs. Research indicates that students who participate regularly in after-school programs have better grades, greater school engagement, increased homework completion, reduced tardiness and absenteeism and greater parent involvement.
The following programs offered by the Parks and Recreation Districts are fee-based.

Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD)

(916) 405-5300 
School Sites:                                                                                                                      
Arthur C. Butler                                                                                                                   
Program: After-school only                                                                                                   
John Ehrhardt
Program: After-school only
Ellen Feickert
Program: After-school only
Florence Markofer
Program: Before and after-school
Joseph Sims
Program: After-school only
Stone Lake
Program: Before and after-school

Southgate Recreation & Parks District

(916) 526-0234
School Sites:
Maeola R. Beitzel
Program: Before and after-school

Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD)

Before and After School ExL Programs Supported by ELO-P

The Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P) provides additional funding to support before and after school programs. The funding, authorized by AB 130, has enabled the District to expand before and/or after school programs to all elementary sites and offer full-day before and after school care for students in half day transitional kindergarten or kindergarten programs. All programs offer a minimum of 9 hours of programming including the school day.