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What does it mean for students to be truly college- and career-ready? With input from over 100 community members, a college and career ready graduate is prepared to successfully demonstrate six critical skills:
  1. Creative Problem-solving
  2. Technical Literacy
  3. Communication and Collaboration
  4. Self-Awareness, Self-Reliance, Self-Discipline
  5. Integrity
  6. Community Engagement
To help staff, parents and students understand the importance of these core life skills and to build awareness about them, the Graduate Profile video and poster was created and adopted by our Governing Board to serve as a reference point to align the college and career readiness objectives of other initiatives, including the Common Core, Next Generation Science and Career Technical Education standards.

EGUSD Graduate Profile

EGUSD Graduate Profile

Graduate Profile Graphic
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California Logo provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college and career paths and enables educators to track their progress. The platform also provides families with the tools they need to support their students as they navigate the college, career and financial aid planning processes.

In Elk Grove Unified School District graduate demonstrates readiness to success in college, career, and life through:


Creative Problem Solving Graphic

  • Analyzes problems by exercising critical thinking to formulate and ask pertinent questions
  • Develops solutions using innovative, inventive, and intuitive ideas and approaches
  • Utilizes resources and processes necessary to solve problems

Graduate Profile - Self-Awareness Graphic

  • Possesses and applies skills necessary for living independently
  • Sets and meets realistic, measurable goals; makes adjustments as needed
  • Articulates strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and limitations as these apply to achieving plans and goals after graduation
  • Manages and balances time, resources, and responsibilities

Graduation Profile - Technical Literacy Graphic

  • Demonstrates mastery of technology necessary for college and career success
  • Exhibits willingness to learn and utilize new technology
  • Understands the evolving role of technology in industry and society

Graduate Profile - Communication Graphic

  • Articulates thoughts and ideas in all forms of communication: oral, written, and non-verbal
  • Reads, listens, and observes effectively
  • Relates to and collaborates with diverse groups to achieve a common purpose

Graduate Profile - Community Engagement Graphic

  • Demonstrates knowledge about school, local, and global issues
  • Respects cultural differences
  • Participates in diverse school and community organizations willingly and cooperatively

Graduate Profile - Integrity

  • Makes commitments and keeps them, giving full effort
  • Takes responsibility for actions
  • Acts with honesty, authenticity, and sincerity