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Student NCAA Eligibility Athletes

Student NCAA Eligibility Athletes

For student-athletes planning on playing a college sport, navigating the territory of preparing for college requires another twist in the road. For college-bound student-athletes, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Eligibility Center is an important step in the journey.
The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all college-bound student-athletes who hope to compete in NCAA Division I or II athletics. The registration fee is $65 for U.S. students and $95 for international students. There is only one fee to register for the Eligibility Center, which covers both the academic and amateurism certifications. Fee waivers for the registration fee are given only if a student has received a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT. If a student was not granted a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT, they will not be eligible for a waiver of the certification fee.
The steps to become eligible as a college student-athlete vary depending on the NCAA division. Steps to achieving eligibility are as follows:
  • Freshman And Sophomore Years - During your freshman and sophomore years, work hard to get the best grades possible. Take classes that match your high school’s list of NCAA courses. The Eligibility Center only uses approved core courses to certify your initial eligibility. If you fall behind in completing your requirements, use summer school sessions before graduation to catch up.

  • Junior Year - At the beginning of the year, complete your registration at the Eligibility Center. Register to take the SAT or ACT – or both – and use the Eligibility Center code “9999” as a score recipient. This will send your score directly to the Eligibility Center. Double-check to make sure the courses you have taken match your school’s list of NCAA courses. Ask your high school counselor to send an official transcript to the Eligibility Center at the conclusion of your junior year. If you have attended more than one high school, you will need to send transcripts from each high school you attended. The Eligibility Center will not accept faxed transcripts or test scores. Make sure you check-in with your counselor to determine the amount of core courses you’ll need to complete your senior year.

  • Senior Year - If needed, make sure you take the SAT or ACT again. The Eligibility Center will use your best scores from each section of the ACT or SAT to determine your best cumulative score. Continue to take your college-prep courses and make sure your courses match your school’s list of NCAA courses. Review your amateurism responses and request final amateurism certification on or after April 1 – if you’re enrolling in your school in the fall or October – for spring enrollees.  Continue working on getting the best grades possible to ensure you graduate on time – in eight academic semesters. After graduation, be sure to ask your high school counselor to send your final transcript to the Eligibility Center with proof of graduation.

  • Testing Information - Students planning to attend college should be aware of a number of tests that they may need to take for college entrance. Students interested in college or university degrees should be aware of the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the American College Test and Advanced Placement Tests.