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Elk Grove Unified is committed to providing opportunities for pre-kindergarten early childhood education by offering several programs that help 3 and 4 year old children get ready for kindergarten. The programs are funded from different sources and their requirements vary by funding source. Head Start, Title I, and State Preschool programs are free to income eligible families. Champions and CDI are fee based Preschool programs.
Head Start

Head Start

Head Start is a federally funded program for 3 and 4 year old children. There are two class sessions available; 3.5 hours per day, Monday through Thursday and 6 hours per day Monday through Friday.
First Day of Preschool With Head Start
First Day of Preschool With Head Start (Spanish) <
California State Preschool Program

California State Preschool Program

California’s State Preschool income-eligible program is a state funded program serving 3 and 4 year old children. State Preschool classrooms focus on preparing children for kindergarten. Classes are in session three hours per day, Monday through Friday.
Title I Preschool

Title I Preschool

Title 1 Preschool is for children ages 3 and 4 who live within the boundaries of a Title 1 school.  The following elementary schools have a Title 1 preschool program:
Champions Preschool Programs

Champions Preschool Programs

Champions Preschool Programs builds confidence by providing activities that encourage exploration and discovery. We provide the freedom to solve problems as they develop skills in reading, math, and science. We focus on Language and Literacy Development, Executive Function, Creative Exploration, Physical Development and Wellness, Social and Emotional Development, and Cognitive Development.
Please enroll at | 1-800-246-2154
Parent-Child Playgroup

Parent-Child Playgroup

Parent-Child Playgroup is a high quality, play-based parent participation program that is free for families residing in the EGUSD. Children must be 0-3 years old and a parent/caregiver must participate with their child. The program promotes experiences in language and literacy, social-emotional, gross and fine motor skills, and numeracy development.  In-person classes are currently being held at Herman Leimbach, Prairie, and Charles Mack Elementary. Playgroups are also being offered via ZOOM. Please view the flyer link below for more information. 
2023-2024 Preschool Registration

2023-2024 Preschool Registration

Please call the ECE Department if you are interested in enrollment for 2022-2023 school year.
For families looking to enroll their new student for the 2023-2024 school year, please complete the EGUSD Preschool Programs Interest Form. The official registration process for 2023-2024 will start on April 12, 2023 via the EGUSD website. All enrollment information will be submitted electronically. If you need any assistance with enrollment please call the ECE Department at (916) 686-7595.
Upon completion of the Interest Form, please begin collecting these required documents for the official enrollment process.  
Required Documents (in addition to online electronic forms): 

  • Birth verification for registering child (Certified or hospital) 
  • Birth certificate for all siblings in the home under 18 years of age: to verify family size (certified or hospital) 
  • Most current and consecutive 30 days of any/all income: (check stubs, entire signed tax return, disability, SSI, TANF, SNAP or CalWORKs.) 
  • Immunization records or document from physician 
  • Current address verification: (property tax receipt, mortgage statement, rental/lease agreement, utility/rental receipt, recent parent/guardian pay stub, voter registration or government agency documentation.) 
  • Name of Dental and Medical Plan 
  • Medical, Dental, and/or Medi-Cal Insurance Cards 
  • WIC #, if applicable 
  • Parent/Guardian immunizations (Pertussis, Measles and Influenza) are required to volunteer (COVID vaccination required for Head Start parents to volunteer or weekly testing requirement if exempt). 
    If applicable: 
    • Court documentation for guardianship/foster care/custody/restraining orders 
    • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) if your child is receiving special education services (speech therapy, etc.)
    • Please call the ECE Department at (916) 686-7595 if you have any questions
Preschool Eligibility

Preschool Eligibility

Please review the Determination of Eligibility form for additional information about income guidelines to determine whether you qualify for any of our preschool programs.  Please note that priority is given to students with Individualized Education Plan (IEPs), foster care, homeless students and recipients of child protective services. 
Revise el formulario de Determinación de elegibilidad para obtener información adicional sobre las pautas de ingresos para determinar si califica para alguno de nuestros programas preescolares. Tenga en cuenta que se da prioridad a los estudiantes con un Plan de Educación Individualizado (IEP), hogares de crianza, estudiantes sin hogar y beneficiarios de servicios de protección infantil.
State – CSPP Family Income Guidelines (effective 7/1/2020) Head Start (effective 1/21/2020) Title I
Size of Family Monthly Gross Income Annual Gross Income Monthly Gross Income Annual Gross Income Live within the
boundaries of a Title I school.
1 $5,540 $66,479 $1,063 $12,760 Income is not considered. To qualify, family must live within the boundaries of a Title I school.
2 $5,540 $66,479 $1,437 $17,240
3 $6,157 $73,885 $1,810 $21,720
4 $7,069 $84,822 $2,183 $26,200
5 $8,199 $98,393 $2,557 $30,680
6 $9,330 $111,965 $2,930 $35,160
7 $9,542 $114,509 $3,303 $39,640
8 $9,755 $117,054 $3,677 $44,120
9 $9,967 $119,598

Head Start Only:
For family units with more than 8 members, add $4,480 a year for each additional family member.

*Please note acceptance into program if family receives Cal Fresh/SNAP benefits currently regardless of income

10 $10,179 $122,143
11 $10,391 $124,687
12 $10,603 $127,232