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Help your child succeed in school by building the habit of good attendance. The Attendance Improvement Office (AIO) was formed by the Elk Grove Unified School District in 2015 with the desired intent to monitor and improve the attendance of all students within the district. Visit the attendance web page to learn more about AIO, School Attendance Review Board and to access attendance related videos and downloadable resources.
Visit the EGUSD Child Care page to learn about the different child care and after-school options in the district and community.
The Elk Grove Unified School District is committed to providing students and families with quality post-secondary information and planning resources. Explore resources for parents and students that will assist in navigating through college preparation, testing, the application process, scholarship and financial aid information and other post-secondary career choices.
The Elk Grove Unified School District is committed to supporting 21st century teaching and learning. Given the pace at which new technology tools emerge, the District recognized the need to implement a comprehensive program to teach the safe, effective and ethical use of digital age technologies to staff, students and parents.
The EGUSD Parent and Student Handbook is an annual publication containing updated information relevant to the families of Elk Grove Unified. The Parent and Student Handbook outlines our expectations, our culture, and provides information to help families understand our District policies and procedures. Other sections describe state and federal laws related to public schools.
Educational Equity coordinates and manages equity-based work in the District. Educational Equity focuses on promoting equitable practices and decisions to increase the academic proficiency of students and close the persistent opportunity, access and achievement gaps. 
If you are moving within the boundaries of the Elk Grove Unified School district, or have a child who will soon enter PreK, TK or Kindergarten, our enrollment section of the EGUSD website contains important information about enrolling your child for school. 
Elk Grove Unified School District believes that family and community engagement is a fundamental component to student success and achievement. When district and school staffs build authentic relationships and encourage collaboration, it creates a culturally responsive mindset, which fosters trust and produces a welcoming environment.
Homeless Education (Project ACT- Assisting Children in Transition) is part of the EGUSD Student and Family Empowerment Center (SAFE). It serves families and students, including unaccompanied youth, experiencing homelessness who may move frequently, live in a motel room or shelter, live doubled up with friends or family, stay in a campground or recreational vehicle, or live in their car.
Explore EGUSD's Immigration Protection resource page to access guides, FAQs and resource links.
The SAFE Office provides case management for students and families that are facing challenges such as economic hardships, homelessness, food insecurity, health, dental, vision, mental health concerns, and lack of resources.
Student Support and Health Services will support students, families, and staff by providing direct and indirect services, coordinated resources, and strategic interventions in order to enhance students’ physical, mental, and emotional well being so they may realize their greatest potential.
Students have the right to be protected from harassment and discrimination under state and federal laws. Knowing and understanding these legal rights can help students create a safer environment in their schools.
Transportation Services Website
The Elk Grove Unified School District Transportation Department provides home-to-school transportation to traditional, year-round and special education students who reside within the board-approved busing guidelines, as well as transportation for field trips. We invite you to visit the EGUSD Transportation website to learn more.
All volunteers must be cleared by the District prior to participating in school activities.Applicants interested in volunteering should follow the steps and instructions on the EGUSD Volunteering and Fingerprinting web page.