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Together we can make a positive difference in the life of each student in the Elk Grove Unified School District. We want our families and students to have access to knowledge and information about student learning and about our school system. By building cross-cultural networks in our outreach and many school activities, we hope to foster family-teacher relationships and parent-parent relationships.
What sets Elk Grove Unified and its community partners apart from others is what drives us — that we can achieve great things when we work to connect children to school. By providing educational options that are interactive, integrated, and innovative, both in and out of the classroom, we keep students interested and engaged.
We know learning starts at home and continues at school and we believe when families play an active role in their child’s education, students will succeed. When families who, regardless of their racial or ethnic identity, educational background, gender, disability, or socioeconomic status, are willing to work together with their child’s school or district, partnerships will flourish and we will raise students who are college and career ready graduates.